What people are saying about Focus on Information Technology

“Several of my students have been offered jobs where they need to use the skills they have learned in the program; this underlines the program’s effectiveness.”
– Eddie Wong, FIT Teacher

“When FIT came along, we found it was a perfect match … It gave more structure to what we were already doing. The FIT program expanded on and formalized what was already being taught, and gave the whole new package a title.”
– Dennis Joel, BC Educator

“Coming with a FIT background, ITM (information technology management program), was a piece of cake for me.”
– Ilya Stepanov, FIT Graduate on entering Ryerson University

“It was unique – an open learning environment. You learn the academic side, but it’s more about how you manage your time, assess a project and set goals.”
– Ryan Clark, FIT Student

“Most of all, FIT helped me to do better in my post- secondary education.”
– Anthony Brown, FIT Graduate

“I’m a big believer in FIT, because what is considered Focus on IT (FIT), is actually Focus on the future.”
– Sacha Noukhovitch, FIT Teacher