Inspiration and fun at a Student Learning Day

The DigitalYouth initiative with ICTC was an excellent opportunity for our students at Windsor Park Collegiate to start thinking about their purpose in life, how to get started on a passion project, and the importance of digital fluency in their future workplace.

ICTC hosted 7 classrooms with 145 students from a wide variety of courses at WPC. The presentation was fun and informative; our students particularly enjoyed learning through Kahoot and hearing Talha Atta’s inspirational story. They are excited to get started on the prepared student activity, including developing their own website!
– Carla Allan, Career Internship Program, Windsor Park Collegiate

I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet a powerful and inspiring person the same age as me. Talha made something that seems unreachable a very realistic possibility; he inspired me to start now with my future and that you are never too young to start.
– Vanessa, Grade 12 Student, Windsor Park Collegiate

The Digital presentation by ICTC was very well prepared and fun to participate in. I was provided with a lot of great information about digital technology and inspired by Talha Atta.
– Tiba, Grade 12 Student, Windsor Park Collegiate

Because of the presentation, my mindset changed and now I’m trying my hardest to be involved in as many activities as I can. The presentation helped me see things in life, and the last year of high school, differently.
– Connor, Grade 12 Student, Windsor Park Collegiate

Talha Atta’s speech was very inspirational. I really valued the message that it is okay to fail because that’s where you learn the most.
– Sean, Grade 12 Student, Windsor Park Collegiate

Talha’s speech on time management was inspiring. It really connected with me when he said, “If you’re willing to put the work in, you’ll see a change.”
– Jordan, Grade 12 Student, Windsor Park Collegiate