Become a MyFIT School

How to Implement

There are 3 stages to implementing the MyFIT program: Decisions, Planning, and Rollout. Regional MyFIT Education Coordinators will be available to assist and provide guidance during the onboarding process and throughout the implementation of the program. ICTC will continue to make resources available to support educators for the duration of the program.

  • Stage 1 - Decisions
    This stage involves discussions with ministries of education, community councils, school boards, and schools. Decisions may require multiple levels of agreement.

  • Stage 2 - Planning
    The Planning stage is used to evaluate and align existing activities and to create any new activities that will meet the MyFIT requirements.

  • Stage 3 – Rollout
    Educators finalize and prepare class activities. Educators have the option to participate in teacher training before the MyFIT program begins. This may be in the form of in-person digital skills professional development days, or online training modules.

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MyFIT Requirements

The MyFIT program is designed to seamlessly integrate into a school’s curriculum. No extra technical requirements are needed if you are approved.

With the help of a MyFIT regional education coordinator (REC), a school will be able to map out different pathways of activities they are able to offer students.

MyFIT may also offer advice to a school or board as to what resources are complementary to each activity.