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  • Computers for schools
    On the fence about registering a CyberTitan team? Unsure if your school/organization meets the technology requirements? See below for two programs that could help. Computers for Schools (CFS) is a program that collects used computer equipment and […]
  • Michael Chong, MP meets the first all-female team to compete in the CyberTitan finals
    Michael Chong, MP met with the Falcontech Terabytches from CW Computer Technology, who competed in the CyberTitan II National finals in Ottawa last month. To learn more about the meeting, check out Michael Chong’s Summer 2019 Newsletter.   […]
  • Need a FIT Certificate?
    It’s the time of year to award your students with their well deserved FIT certificates! To request your students’ FIT certificates, please follow these 3 steps: Download this excel template. Fill out all of the required information and […]
  • Meet your CyberTitans – Saints
    School: St. Malachy’s Memorial High School City: St. John Province: New Brunswick Coach Ryan Murphy: About the Saints: Matthew, 15 Why did you join the team? I’ve always loved messing around with and fixing operating systems, and I thought this may […]
  • Meet your CyberTitans – Astral & Red Enclave
      Team: Astral & Red Enclave School: Sisler High School City: Winnipeg Province: Manitoba Coach Charles Bazilewich (Astral) &Robert Esposito (Red Enclave): This team is all about collaborative teamwork and are of the mindset that you […]
  • Meet your CyberTitans – Multiply and Surrender
    School: William Lyon Mackenzie King Collegiate Institute City: Toronto Province: Ontario Coach Valentina Krasteva About Multiply and Surrender: Lev, 18 Why did you join the team? I joined the team because I always wanted to try out cyber security, […]
  • Meet your CyberTitans – Eagles 3
    School: Bliss Carman Middle School City: Fredericton Province: New Brunswick About the Eagles: Coach Scott Parks: The Eagles 3 CyberTitan team is a fun-loving group of individuals that have come together, having a shared interest in Cybersecurity. […]
  • Meet your CyberTitans – Olympians A:
    School: Old Scona Academic City: Edmonton Province: Alberta About the Olympians A: Coach Dee Elder: This team works as an amazing collaborative group. They are humble about the level of knowledge that they have and are passionate about learning as […]
  • Meet your CyberTitans – Terabytches:
    Team: Falcontech Terabytches School: Centre wellington district high school City: Fergus Province: Ontario About the Terabytches: Coach Timothy King: If you look up critical infrastructure in the federal government, ICT (information & […]
  • DigitalYouth to Launch its First Business Skills Challenge, Presented by ICTC!
    DigitalYouth to Launch its First Business Skills Challenge, Presented by ICTC! This Business Skills Challenge is a unique opportunity for students from grades 6 to 12 to use digital skills in solving meaningful, ‘real-world’ digital challenges, as […]